Symphony of the Heart concerts in Israel

February 8, 2019

On February 6th and 7th, 2019 Save a Child’s Heart hosted two very successful “Symphony of the Heart” concerts in Israel, to celebrate the work of the foundation and to sponsor its future activities. 

The concerts took place in both “Heichal Hatarbut” in Tel Aviv and at the Jerusalem Theatre in Jerusalem. The symphonies featured a star-studded lineup of both local superstars and special international guest-stars, that performed in Israel for the first time. 

The events mixed high-quality pop with classical performances, capturing the interests of a wide-ranging audience. Among the performers were Ester Rada, as well as a special guest appearance by the acclaimed American pianist and composer Emily Bear. Bear, at just 16 years old, is an international sensation who has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and the Montreux Jazz Festival, and is considered one of the most astonishing and prolific musical talents of our time.

Another unique and exciting performance at the concert was the World Doctors Orchestra (WDO), that performed for the first time in Israel. This symphony orchestra, with about 100 musicians/physicians, flew in for these 2 concerts from all over the world for the benefit of Save a Child’s Heart.

The evening was hosted by Ashley Waxman Bakshi and directed by Tami Tisch. The participating artists performed pro-bono.

Much like previous events, we had a full-house with the attendance of ambassadors, mayors, international board-members, major donors and other high-profile guests. Proceeds from the event will go directly to the lifesaving activities of Save a Child's Heart.  

Symphony of the Heart 2019  Esther Rada

Symphony of the Heart 2019 Avraham Tal and orchestra

Symphony of the Heart 2019 Emily Bear and orchestra

Symphony of the Heart 2019 Emily Bear and orchestra

Symphony of the Heart 2019 Esther Rada and kids

Symphony of the Heart 2019 Esther Rada, Ashley Waxman Bakshi, Robert Baruch
Symphony of the Heart 2019 orchestra