Optikid Gifts SACH Patient the Glasses He Needs to See

January 13, 2020

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Optikid - Opticians specializing in children and teens אופטיקיד - אופטיקה לילדים ונוער, the Optikid team, and its founder Daniel Cohen for donating two pairs of glasses to little Hussein from Zanzibar! ❤️

A few weeks ago Hussein underwent life-saving heart surgery at the Wolfson Medical Center. After recovering from his heart surgery the ophthalmology department at Wolfson operated on Hussein to fix a defect in his eyes. Both operations were made possible thanks to Canadian donations. Yesterday, for the first time in his life, Hussein wore glasses that allowed him to see perfectly!

Hussein will return to Zanzibar with a mended heart, healthy eyes and glasses that will allow him to see, learn and play like children everywhere.