Emma Gottlieb

United States

To say that Save a Child's Heart is an amazing organization is an understatement.

The mentality of Save a Child's Heart founder, Dr. Ami Cohen, "if we can we should," is such a simple phrase filled with so much meaning. I have learned to look at my life so differently because of this organization. Save a Child's Heart takes away all of the hate and conflict in the world and focuses on what is important: saving the lives of those who don't have access in their countries. 

From the moment I stepped through the gates at Save a Child's Heart my life changed forever.

I had the incredible opportunity to be the marketing intern at Save a Child's Heart for the summer in 2018 and was a part-time volunteer while studying abroad in Tel Aviv spring 2019. While at the children's home we like to say we speak the language of kindness and you don't need words to communicate love.

The laughter and strength that these kids bring to each day are inspiring.

They get on a plane and travel to a foreign country where no one speaks their language to receive open-heart surgery, sometimes without their parents by their sides when they wake up. Yet, they walk through the gate with big smiles full of energy just wanting to play and be kids.  

My time at Save a Child's Heart over the past few years has turned me into a person who looks for the good in people and the world, to treat others with equality and kindness.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to give back to the place that not only changed my life but has given over 5,000 children a second chance.