The Azrieli Foundation Donates a New Heart-Lung Machine

July 14, 2020

Thank you to the Azrieli Foundation for your generous donation and to SACH Canada for facilitating the gift of a heart-lung machine. The machine, used to perform the cardiopulmonary bypass technique, is to be used at the new International Pediatric Cardiac Center at Wolfson Medical Center, set to open later this year, with a vision to double the number of patients we plan to treat within the next 10 years. Staffed by Anat Mastor, Head of Perfusion, Yigal Sofer, Ala'a Mansour and other team members, this machine will enable us to continue our mission, saving countless lives.

Anat Mastor, Head of Perfusion, Wolfson Medical Center

Anat Mastor, Head of Perfusion, and Ala'a Mansour, perfusionist