Save a Child’s Heart Therapy Program Begins

December 7, 2015

For the first time at Save A Child’s Heart, a qualified occupational therapist and child life specialist are collaborating on a Therapy Program, working directly with the children in Israel for life-saving cardiac treatment, and their escorting mothers, on a number of goals. Jade Lewin, a licensed occupational therapist who recently made Aliyah from Australia is collaborating with Rachel Werner, Save a Child’s Heart intern and a certified child-life specialist to create a therapy program in the SACH House. Jade and Rachel’s goals are to increase the children’s occupational engagement during their stay at the Children’s Home and in Hospital, and to provide social, psychological, and emotional support for the mothers and children during their time with Save A Child’s Heart.

Additionally, Jade and Rachel aim to reduce both the mother’s and child’s anxiety about their stay in Israel by running developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive therapeutic and educational activities. Together, they are hoping to provide individual-based therapy programs to children with additional physical, behavioral, and/or social needs.  It is hoped that working closely with the mothers and children on these goals during their time with Save A Child’s Heart will enable the mothers to function as a strong support for their child, and will enable the children to recover quickly, both physically and emotionally, from their treatment.

For more information about the Save A Child’s Heart Therapy Program, and to find out how you can become involved, please contact our occupational therapist at: