David Shore tells 'Variety' How Save a Child's Heart Inspired an Episode of ‘The Good Doctor’

June 5, 2018

Television Writer David Shore spoke to 'Variety' about his connection to Save a Childs Heart and how it inspired the ninth episode of 'The Good Doctor'.

David Shore, the creator of shows such as 'House' and 'The Good Doctor' spoke with Variety about his past and his writing processes including how how Save a Child's Heart influenced him. After visiting the Save a Child's Heart home with his wife, David was moved by the work being done at SACH.

David spoke about how he has very few things at his office in the Sony lot in Los Angeles. He has his fathers old briefcase, a framed picture of a past accomplishment and a mug from Save a Child's Heart. The work being done at SACH inspired the ninth episode of “The Good Doctor,” in which the team from St. Bonaventure tries to save a young African boy with severe heart abnormalities.