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Our volunteer opportunities provide a
behind-the-scenes look into the
Save a Child's Heart Children’s Home

We are now accepting volunteers and interns. At this time, there are no live-in options at the Children's Home.

Volunteers are crucial for providing care and emotional support to the kids and their families during their stay in Israel, pre- and post-procedure. Volunteers are responsible for organizing games and activities for the children, as well as acting as a friend and a familiar face.

In addition, volunteers are exposed to many different cultures, languages, and customs while at the Children’s Home, making this a uniquely special experience.

All volunteers also take part in our #EndlessLev fundraising initiative, where they have the chance to share their experience and become ambassadors for Save a Child’s Heart.

Any volunteer applicants must have completed high school or be over 17 years old.

Scholarship Awards are available for Canadian interns. For more information, click

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internship opportunities


Marketing/Social Media Internship -
The Marketing/Social Media Internship at Save a Child's Heart is responsible for keeping all of our social media platforms up to date and raising awareness for the organization online. Tasks include daily posts on Instagram, Snapchat, and other social networks, as well as additional marketing support. To apply, please send your CV to and specify the internship.

Office Internship - As an Office Intern at Save a Child’s Heart office in Holon, your main role will be to support the staff in an administrative capacity. Tasks include maintaining the photo database, conducting interviews, writing up profiles on all children, and other necessary office work. To apply, send your CV to and specify the internship.

Volunteer-Plus Internship - As the Volunteer-Plus Intern, your role will be primarily in the front of the house with the children, mothers, and volunteers. The Volunteer-Plus Intern is responsible for overseeing all of the children, making sure clean-up proceeds properly and the playroom remains organized, planning unique events and activities for the kids, and assisting with other tasks. To apply to be a Volunteer-Plus Intern at SACH, please send your CV to

Apply to be a Full-Time volunteer or download the volunteer manual below.

PART-TIme volunteers

Ongoing part-time volunteers have the unique privilege of following kids through their SACH journey. Every week, you will see them at a different stage - from their arrival, to their treatment, to their departure. Part-time volunteers have the chance to form relationships with kids throughout the duration of their stay that last a lifetime.

As a part-time volunteer, you will be able to come to the SACH Children's Home in Holon for weekly shifts where you can do activities and play with the children.

Immersive Volunteer Program - This program runs 3-5 times a week, with morning or afternoon shifts
(9 AM - 12 PM or 4 PM - 6 PM). The minimum commitment is 3 weeks, and it takes place entirely at the Children’s Home.

Superstar Volunteer Program -
This program runs 2-5 times per week, with a minimum commitment of 2 months. It takes place at both the Children’s Home and the hospital. Shifts at the Children’s Home are according to the same hours mentioned above. Days at the hospital are from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. This program is ideal for volunteers who have a longer-term commitment and would like to experience volunteering in both settings.

To apply for our Part-time volunteer opportunities, please click here.

Apply to be a PART-Time volunteer or Download the Volunteer Manual below:

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"I have learned more about myself and the world I live in than I ever thought I would in the brief two weeks working at SACH."

– Leia Serlin