B'nai Mitzvah

Gather your family, your friends and your community to help make a difference.

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Thank you for considering Save a Child’s Heart for your Mitzvah Project!

Join other inspiring young leaders around the world that have dedicated their special day to something much bigger than themselves, coming of age not just by growing older, but by saving a life.

After selecting your fundraising goal and where you'd like the funds allocated, you can ask friends and family for donations in lieu of gifts, donate on your own in honor of your bar/t mitzvah or even host a fundraising and awareness event to spread the word.

Whatever you choose, we're here to guide you as you set up a meaningful campaign so that you can meet your goal and even exceed it!

Set up your own fundraising page

We can help you all along the way and set up a personalized fundraising page for you to send to your loved ones to get them involved.


Heading to Israel for your Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Please come to visit us! We would be honored to host you and your family. Tour the Children's Home and meet some of the lives your hard work and dedication has directly impacted. Contact us to arrange your visit in advance of your travels at info@saveachildsheart.ca or 1-844-924-9113.

At the time of my Bar Mitzvah, the opportunity to tangibly save a life was far and above the most significant justification of such a great cause. It did not seem fair that a child's right to life would be determined solely on geography, and Save a Child's Heart echoes this sentiment in their mission. [SACH] sees every child equally, regardless of religious, ethnic, or political background; the sign of a true humanitarian organization.

Jacob, San Diego