Save a Child’s Heart Mission in Romania

In late March, a team from Wolfson Medical Center traveled to Romania for a week to perform life saving heart surgeries on Romanian children in critical condition. The Save a Child’s Heart Pediatric Cardiology team began by screening and diagnosing sick children at the Grigore Alexandrescu Children’s Emergency Medical Clinic in Bucharest.

The Save a Child’s Heart team worked closely with its partners Rotary Romania Si Moldova and Gift of Life International to be most efficient in one short week. Together they unpacked shipments of medical supplies, conducted screenings, prepared for surgeries and saved lives.

With the help of their partners, surgeons Dr. Lior Sasson, Dr. Yayu Mekonnen and Dr. Ana Lascu performed many successful life saving heart surgeries. Several young Romanian children were diagnosed and operated on within the week, and will now be able to live healthy and happy lives.

During the week of hard work, the Health Minister of Romania briefly visited the Grigore Alexandrescu Children’s Emergency Medical Clinic. He expressed his support for the partnership between Israel and Romania, was truly appreciative of the Save a Child’s Heart team and hoped to continue to work closely with Israel in the future.