Meet Jarusha. In 2001, Jarusha was a sick two-year-old living in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Thanks to the generosity of Eph and Shirley Diamond, she found herself on the journey of a lifetime to Save a Child's Heart. She arrived in Israel in June and was treated by Dr. Ami Cohen himself.
When she first arrived, Jarusha was extremely quiet and visibly ill. Once she underwent her lifesaving heart surgery, she was a whole new person! She transformed almost instantly into a happy and energetic child, quickly connecting with the volunteers and other children.
Recently, Jarusha reached out to let us know that she just graduated with an Associates Degree in Communications!

"Thank you for your kindness, love and tireless effort to save me from a difficult and short life. Thanks again, and may God help the good works of your wonderful Doctors and staff and may he continue to bless the Save a Child's Heart Foundation." -Jarusha Raguette