Since 1995, Save a Child's Heart has treated more than 5,000 children suffering from congenital and rheumatic heart disease. The annual number of children we treat has grown dramatically from 48 cases in 1996 to over 260 in 2016.

The children we help are treated at the Wolfson Medical Center and housed at the Legacy Heritage Children’s Home of Save a Child’s Heart, both located in Holon. They come from around the globe, from more than 59 countries where adequate medical care is simply unavailable.

Approximately 50% of the children are from the Palestinian Authority, Jordan, Iraq and Morocco, more than 30% are from Africa, and the remainder are from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Americas.

Incredibly, in today’s modern age, at any given moment there are thousands of children suffering from heart disease around the world who require our assistance.

Wisem, Romania

Wisem is an eight-year-old boy from Timisoara, Romania. Bubbly and hyper he loved to run around the house making friends. He loved to play with the babies in the children's home and show off this favorite book that was about dinosaurs. He was originally diagnosed with a congenital heart disease at birth, but his grandmother did not know about the diagnosis until he turned two. Wisem is being raised by his grandmother and grandfather, and does not have any siblings. Wisem and his grandparents live a happy life, and his family cannot wait for him to be healthy!

Hawa, Gambia

Hawa is a smiley, lovable, confident 8-year-old girl from Gambia who carries herself with a bit of sass in everything she does. She is very friendly and would always be the first to greet new guests at Save a Child’s Heart. During her stay, she made some very close friendships. She also treated all of the other children, regardless of where they were from, like family and even called them her brothers. She was older than many of the other children, and loved to take care of them.

Aveen, Iraq

Aveen from Iraq was diagnosed with congenital heart disease as a teenager, and was brought to Israel for surgery at 16 years old in February 2016. Prior to surgery her oxygen saturation averaged 50% and she had severe clubbing in her hands. After her successful surgery her oxygen was in the high 90’s and she returned home to Iraq. Almost exactly one year following her return to Kurdistan, it was determined through communication with the SACH medical team that Aveen needed to come back to Israel for another surgery. After many tests to determine the cause of the problem, Aveen had a successful second open heart surgery at Wolfson Medical Center in April 2017. Aveen is a joyful and goofy teenager who loves to spend time making jokes and playing games with the medical team and medical clowns in the hospital. She has returned to her family happy and healthy, and looking forward to her bright future.

Nour, West Bank

Baby Nour from the West Bank was admitted to the Wolfson Medical Center through Save a Child’s Heart for evaluation and repair of her congenital heart disease in April 2016 at three months old. In June 2017, Nour came for a follow up examination at our free weekly cardiology clinic for Palestinian children. The team examined Nour and informed her parents that she is doing great and does not need further follow up care. At the same clinic, the medical team was informed that Nour's mother was pregnant, so they performed a fetal echo examination and found out that Nour's future sibling has a healthy heart!

Children Currently in Israel

If you know a child who needs our help, please use this Guidance and Referral Form to send us their information.