The New York Times covers Yahya from Afghanistan

The New York Times covers the historic and exciting process that brought 14-month old Yahya from Afghanistan to Israel to undergo life-saving heart surgery with Save a Child's Heart.

"HOLON, Israel — They had never met, but they were Facebook friends connected across thousands of miles. Together the two digital acquaintances — a young English teacher in Jalalabad, Afghanistan, and a retired State Department official living in Haifa, Israel — collaborated to save a baby in Pakistan with life-threatening congenital heart problems.

Yehia, now 14 months old, had been born with his two main arteries reversed and two holes in his heart. His parents, Afghans living in Peshawar, Pakistan, found a local specialist who could perform the necessary surgery, but the price tag was $7,000. It might as well have been seven figures to the child’s father, who makes his living selling flour. The family’s savings, $200, had already been depleted by medical bills."

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