Meet the Pediatric Cardiology Team

Dr. Akiva Tamir

Head of Pediatric Cardiology
Dr. Akiva Tamir studied medicine at the Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine.
He did his residency in pediatrics at Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon and Assaf HaRofeh Medical Center in Ramle.
After taking a three year fellowship in pediatric cardiology at Beilinson Hospital in Israel, he continued with another three years at Schneider Children’s Hospital in Long Island, New York, Dr. Tamir joined the staff of the Wolfson Medical Center in 1993 as the attending physician in charge of pediatric cardiology services.
Dr. Tamir has built the pediatric cardiology unit for the hospital and for Save a Child’s Heart. The unit supplies advanced pediatric cardiology services including complex invasive catheterizations to the community and Save a Child’s Heart patients.
Dr. Tamir is one of the founding members of Save a Child’s Heart and one of the leading figures in the organization. He takes active participation in developing new contacts with overseas medical systems and presenting the project worldwide. Dr. Tamir particularly likes teaching and has trained many physicians from overseas in pediatric cardiology.

Dr. Alona Sternfeld Raucher

Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Alona Raucher Sternfeld was born in Israel but completed her High School education in St. Louis, Missouri.
She returned to Israel to serve in the army, followed by medical school at Tel Aviv University. She continued her residency in pediatrics at the Wolfson Medical Center. In 1999, she was certified with high honors by the Israeli Board of Pediatrics.
Later she completed a fellowship in pediatric cardiology and was certified by the Israeli Board of Pediatric Cardiology, again with high honors. Dr. Raucher is an active participant in Save A Child’s Heart organization for the past 10 years. Since 2005, she is in charge medically of all the Save a Child’s Heart patients, since their arrival in Israel and until they return home, dealing daily with all their cardiac and general pediatric problems.
She takes part in the weekly Palestinian pediatric cardiology clinic and in the pediatric cardiac catheterizations. Dr. Raucher Sternfeld is fully devoted to the Save a Child’s Heart project and recently went on a mission to Zanzibar and the Tanzanian mainland, evaluating 220 patients. She also joined Dr. Tamir on a screening mission of Iraqi children in Amman, Jordan.
Dr. Raucher is on staff as a pediatric cardiologist and attending physician in Wolfson Medical Center, is married and a mother of 2 young daughters.

Yifat Brosh

Paediatric Echocardiography Technician
Yifat Brosh was born in Jerusalem. She studied alternative medicine at the Israeli College of Natural Health Sciences for five years, but decided that she was better suited to Western medicine.
In 2000 she began a four year course in Medical Technology and Practical Engineering in Electronics at Tel Aviv Technical College.
This course included a year’s internship at the Wolfson Medical Center studying technical and theoretical pediatric cardiography and pediatric cardiology.
Since 2003, Yifat has been working at Wolfson as a fully-qualified pediatric echocardiography technician. She is familiar with congenital pediatric cardiology, anatomy, pathology and physiology in depth and is a master in performing outstanding echo tests. Yifat takes every patient to her heart and it shows in her work.

Dr. Sagi Assa

Interventional Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Assa was born and raised in Israel. During his childhood he lived in Frankfurt, Germany before returning to Israel and completing his high school education in Givatayim.
Dr. Assa studied medicine at Tel Aviv University’s Sackler School of Medicine. After graduation he completed a five years residency in pediatric medicine at the Wolfson Medical Center and was certified with high honors by the Israeli Board of pediatrics, he then joined the department of Pediatric Cardiology for a three year residency.
In 2012 Dr. Assa returned to Germany to undertake a two year fellowship in interventional pediatric cardiology at the Deutsche Herzzentrum Berlin (DHZB, German Heart Center Berlin) where he studied and worked as an interventional cardiologist anchorman beside Dr. Schubert Stephan in the catheter labor for congenital heart defects, under the supervision and mentorship of Prof. Felix Berger.
Upon his return to the Wolfson Medical Center, Dr. Assa joined the pediatric cardiology team as lead interventional cardiologist. At this time he became a lot more involved in the Save a Child’s Heart program. Dr. Assa takes part in the weekly Palestinian pediatric cardiology clinics and in the pediatric cardiac catheterizations. Dr. Assa is fully devoted to the Save a Child’s Heart project and in March 2015 participated in a mission to Zanzibar and the Tanzanian mainland, evaluating 350 patients.
Dr. Assa is a senior lecturer in Kinsilogy and Sport Medicine at the Wingate Institute of Sport in Israel and is a senior lecturer in Pediatric Medicine in Sackler School of Medicine at the University of Tel Aviv, where he was honored as the best academic lecturer.
Dr Assa is married and has 3 children

Nava Gerhson

Head Nurse, Paediatric Surgical Ward
Nava Gershon studied for her BA in nursing and MA in Public Administration at the Israel College in Tel Aviv.
She has also taken a Clinical Instructor’s Course and a course in Intensive Care. Nava worked for 14 years as a Staff Nurse and Clinical Instructor in the Adult Cardiothoracic Surgery Department of the Wolfson Medical Center before becoming Head Nurse to the Pediatric Surgical Ward in 2003.
Since becoming Head Nurse, Nava has established and written protocols for all activities in the pediatric cardiac surgery department. She has the desire to improve and develop the system and keeps very high standards of nursing in her department.
She is active in the teaching of student nurses, as well as recruiting new resources for the benefit of the department. Nava succeeds in efficiently and skillfully treating and supporting the children of Save a Child’s Heart and their parents, overcoming barriers of language and culture.

Dr. Hanita Shai

Cardiology Resident
Hanita was born in the town of Hadera in 1973. She studied medicine in the Technion in Haifa and pediatric residency at Wolfson Medical Center. Hanita is now part of the cardiology team of save a Child’s Heart. She lives in Ramat Gan and has three children.